Testimonials From Our Advertisers

Are you interested in advertising with Boomtown Richmond or the Richmond Radio Shopping Show? Contact us at mail@boomtownrichmond.com for more information! Here are some testimonials from our advertisers about their experience with the Richmond Radio Shopping Show:

"It has brought back some business that we had lost over the years due to having new hot spots like Scott's Addition or Short Pump; that pulled business out of the downtown area."

"We really like all the positive feedback from both the listeners and the on-air staff."

"Local businesses that don't have resources, this gives them an affordable way to advertise and get their name out there. That's invaluable for a small business owner - to have that kind of exposure. They give a good personal touch when advertising, they typically know the business and business owners. It makes a nice network." Sharon, Lakeside Farmer's Market

"[Working with Boomtown] has been fun, great! Lots of folks come in for the first time because they got a gift certificate. It has helped us a lot." Tracey, The Mixing Bowl Bakery